Why Us?

Spectre UAV arose from the need to help clients overcome the daunting technical learning curve associated with UAVs and the resulting data

This allows our clients to focus on the results, and help them maximize safety, efficiency, and cost-savings.


Spectre UAV is deeply invested in the succesful outcome of all missions, which is made possible with professional equipment, workflows, and a dedication to achieving quality results

A key component of this professionalism is a strong working relationship with Transport Canada, and the evolving regulations surround UAVs. This relationship, in addition to using Transport Complaint hardware, has resulted in a standing SFOC, which allows Spectre UAV to execute flights, without the need to wait for approval(s), which can lead to lengthy delays. Spectre UAV has, and will always have, all required insurance, documentation and approvals for missions.

Our equipment, and software, is used by professionals worldwide, and was selected on the basis of privacy, efficiency, and repeatability. At no point does our client data get sent elsewhere, such as cloud processing services, for processing and/or analysis. This is intended to keep the data secure, and confidential.

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Suite 754
3553 - 31 Street NW
Calgary, AB
(844) 210-2950

E-mail: info@spectreuav.ca

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Although Spectre UAV is experiencing rapid growth, we are currently do not have any open positions at the moment.

If you are interested in a future position, resumes can be sent to: careers@spectreuav.ca